Space Sapphire Guest Post Package

$3,000.00 $2,700.00

The Space Sapphire Guest Post package consists of the following:

10 x DR30+ Guest Posts
6 x DR45+ Guest Posts

Each Guest Post will be placed on a site with at least (AHRefs) 1000 visitors/month.

Each Guest Post will be written with 1000 words of well researched and manually written content by Native English University Students/Graduates from UK/Singapore.

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The Space Sapphire Guest Post Package is a no-brainer mainly for sites that are already ranking in the local/low competition niches, or for authority sites that have a large number of pages. Make full use of the fact that this package comes with 16 Guest Posts which not only allows you to spread your links across multiple pages, but also have highly relevant content with the links to help increase the authority of your site in your chosen field.

We typically use these links by spreading them out to multiple pages, and/or to use them as a quality link source for anchor text dilution, although you can use them in a multitude of ways based on your preference.

This package is recommended to be used for medium competition niches.

(For those of you who were looking forward to it, sorry but we ran out of puns for this product.)

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