Reality Ruby Guest Post Package

$5,500.00 $4,400.00

The Reality Ruby Guest Post package consists of the following:

15 x DR45+ Guest Posts
5  x DR60+ Guest Posts

Each Guest Post will be placed on a site with at least (AHRefs) 1000 visitors/month.

Each Guest Post will be written with 1000 words of well researched and manually written content by Native English University Students/Graduates from UK/Singapore.

Out of stock

The Reality Ruby Guest Post Package. Basically the equivalent of a nuclear warhead sent through a blackhole sent straight to your competitors.

We typically use these links whenever we’re ready to start exploding a site, and depending on the situation use them for either main silo pages, home pages or to specific money pages. Basically we whip these out whenever we’re out for blood.

This package is recommended to be used for medium to high competition niches, for site owners with a site that’s preferably already monetised. 

(And before any of you ask, do NOT use these as a Hail Mary pass. These are powerful, but pricy links and we would not recommend buying these to a brand new site (that does not generate income) unless you have a war chest prepared to rank your project.)

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