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Our Niche Inserts

DR30+ Niche Insert


DR45+ Niche Insert


DR60+ Niche Insert


Our Niche Inserts Packages

Bronze Niche
Inserts Package

10 x DR30+ Niche Inserts


($100 Per Link)

Silver Niche
Inserts Package

10 x DR45+ Niche Inserts


($150 Per Link)

Gold Niche
Inserts Package

10 x DR60+ Niche Inserts


($250 Per Link)

Platinum Niche
Inserts Package

10 x DR30+ Niche Inserts

10 x DR45+ Niche Inserts

10 x DR60+ Niche Inserts


(Save $500!)

*These links are not to be mistaken for Niche Edits, which are typically acquired through hacking the sites and placing the link without the site owners permission.

All of our links are acquired through organic and legitimate outreach methods.

A truly Bespoke Experience

Most Outreach Linkbuilding services have a database of sites where they have had placements in the past before. However, while that more or less guarantees you a quick turnabout time, the effectiveness of the backlink from that site decreases over time as essentially the same sites are used to link out multiple times.

Here at Undrcut Digital, every link order (regardless of how many links) begins with a brand new outreach campaign from scratch, specifically targeting sites that link to other competitors in your niche. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every customer gets a bespoke experience where each campaign is specially tailored for your site.

Of course, for larger orders or requests on quicker turnabout time, we do have an existing database with thousands of sites where we have successfully procured links from in the past.

Why work together?

Smooth, Hassle-Free Setup

Repeated Links

​We check the existing referring domains of your sites (via AHRefs) before fulfilling your order to ensure that there are no cases where you would pay us for a link from a site you already have.

Yes, we go the extra mile to make sure you get the bang for your buck.

Relevant Content

​With a content team of 2 Editors, and over 20 writers, we only hire native speaking university students who have a good command of English.

All our content writers are tested with our own projects and sites, trained with our SOPs and quality standards before using them for client and customer orders.


Unlike Rental Links which are tough to grow a site’s link profile with a limited budget, these are one-off payment links that are permanent which allow your sites to get more high quality links, on a consistent basis.

Never worry about not being able to report on “new” work done every month to your clients again. Or fear that your sites will be stagnant.

account manager

When you place an order with us, we assign a dedicated account manager that ensures you are satisfied with our service, and that you are consistently updated with regards to the status of your order.

As and when a link order progresses to the next stage, we will update your order sheet so you know exactly what is going on, and when to expect your order to be completed.



Štefan Grašič

Affiliate SEO

We’ve gotten a bunch of links from Gabriel and his team for the last couple of months and I’m more than happy with what we paid for them in exchange for the quality we’ve received.


Adam Wright


The guys at Undrcut Digital are a great team who know their sh**! They have delivered high quality links, been extremely transparent and accountable, and I've gotten a great ROI too.


"Diggy" Dirk De Bruin

Marketing Inc. & Six Figure Inc.

I highly recommend working with Gabriel and his team. He's highly competent at what he does and delivers on his promises, not to mention ethical and trustworthy.

dino gomez 1

Dino Gomez

Dynamik Internet Marketing

Bought a package of links from Undrcut & was extremely impressed with the quality. These are legitimate links at a good price which allows us to focus on our clients rather than doing outreach.

Niche Inserts vs Guest Posts

Both our Niche Inserts and Guest Posts are acquired through the same method of legitimate Email Outreach. 

Niche Inserts however, involve getting the site owner to edit an existing relevant article to add a link  to our site (with a couple of sentences of surrounding text), whereas Guest Posts require the site owner to put up a new piece of content. 

As Niche Inserts have a lower overall cost due to less amount of content required, they are generally recommended as the most cost effective way to build high quality links to your site. We recommend using these links for setting up the foundation of your site, followed by using Guest Posts (with your target Keywords in the article title) to snipe specific money keywords.

Our Outreach Link Building Process

Real Outreach. Real Websites. Real Results.

All of our links are acquired through legitimate email outreach campaigns as we use Pitchbox (the industry’s best) as our tool of choice.

We send tens of thousands of emails regularly and consistently get new link opportunities and discover new websites on a daily basis.

High Quality Metrics

Our team checks every link opportunity and website manually before going ahead to use that opportunity to fulfil any customer orders, to ensure it upholds our high standards.

We only sell links that we would use for our own client sites and in-house projects. All sites will have a minimum of 1000 visitors/month to the site for Guest Posts and 200 Visitors/month for Niche Inserts, no spam anchors and/or spam link profiles (at the point of placements).

If it’s not good enough for us, theres no way it’s good enough for you.

Full Accountability

Our team uses a combination of Slack channels as well as live Spreadsheets to update you consistently on what is the progress of your order. Never again will you need to ask for an update, or worry if your orders will be fulfilled.

frequently asked questions

Experienced. Efficient. and we get sh*t done.

After we receive all the relevant information we require to start work, we will launch your outreach campaign immediately.

We strive to have all orders completed between 2-4weeks, with the exception of holiday season (where site owners typically do not reply), or if you have purchased multiple packages for the same site (we will contact you upon confirmation of your order with more details).

Once you placed an order with us, one of our Account Managers will reach out to you personally to get your input with regards to the niche, anchor text, article topics and target URLs.

Unfortunately, we do not accept any “Blackhat” niches. If you are unsure if your niche is accepted, please contact us via the Live Chat and we will be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

Special requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Do note that not every request will be fulfilled and certain requests (outside of what is promised) may result in a higher fee.

If you are uncertain with regards to how many links you should be purchasing, feel free to contact us via the Live Chat and our team will make some recommendations for you based off of a quick audit.

Typically it takes between 2-4 weeks before links kick in, but sometimes longer. It depends on a variety of factors such as your onsite SEO, competition level of the niche, age of the site, etc.

We can help make recommendations based off of a quick competitor backlink analysis but we do NOT guarantee any rankings whatsoever as we have no control over the hundreds of factors that affect your rankings on Google.

If you would like to get a refund, please do not process a chargeback directly. Send an email to support [AT] addressing your dissatisfaction and we will review your order and fix it if it’s reasonable. Do note that this is only possible on a case by case basis.