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Facebook Engagement Strategies That Will Help Your Ads

With 2.2 billion monthly active users on their platform, Facebook is still a vital tool for many businesses to reach out to their customers.

The growing community of Facebook users just means that this is where your business can generate the most leads and conversions possible.

facebook engagement

Data: eMarketer

But, what is Facebook Engagement?

Engagement can mean many things but simply put, Facebook engagement happens when your consumers interact with you on the platform. Interaction can happen through:

  • Commenting on status posts
  • Giving your content a ‘thumbs up’
  • Clicking the ‘Share’ button
  • Viewing your content (visual, written)
  • Clicking into your shared links
  • Generally, a higher engagement rate will lead to an increasingly successful business page, which also means higher traffic and a substantial conversion rate.

So how do I increase my Facebook Engagement?

Step 1: Show them who you are

People don’t care about your content if you do not make yourself worthy of their 2 seconds of attention. They are extremely occupied and their time on Facebook is limited. By showing them your personality, through social posts, or your love for celebrating holidays, these tactics can be little discreet ways in which you leave your brand’s imprint in the minds of your audience. There are numerous studies that show people have very short attention spans these days so it’s crucial that you catch their attention.

Step 2: Include platforms for them to interact

Ask them questions, conduct polls, create quizzes — these can facilitate engagement easily, because you are asking them to give a response in the most direct manner possible.

Just for some guidance:

  • Surveys — Use this for more serious topics like personal recounts and experiences
  • Polls / Quizzes — Use when you want to get a more casual and informal personal opinion on a particular topic

Here is an example of a poll used by the brand, Steffans, a small UK Jeweller

facebook engagement poll


Step 3: Post at the right time

When your posts go live makes a huge difference to the engagement your content can generate. You should always post more when your audience are most active and post less when they are not.

The best days to post on Facebook are: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
And, the best times to post on Facebook are at: 9am, 1pm and 3pm

Avoid posting content during any other time of the day because engagement and reach may be significantly lesser. After all, you would not want your efforts in crafting a post to go to waste.

times with highest facebook engagement


Step 4: Use as many videos as possible

People are generally most attracted to videos where entertainment is higher, curiosity is peaked. And needless to say, videos do beat normal boring written content when it comes to engagement rate.

To engage your audience, and encourage activity on your page, post more video content by using either Facebook video ads or even Facebook Live. Not only are your audience kept entertained, you build your brand personality as someone fun and relevant.

facebook video ad


Step 5: Share your audience’s content

Social media platforms are all about sharing of content, commenting and relevance. Sharing your audience’s content is how your brand can start forging a personal relationship with your audience and influencers.

Look at the audience’s favorite Facebook pages, blogs, and Twitter feeds to get a better idea on what attracts them and work on creating content similar to their interests. Consumer insights are extremely important here and by being in touch with your audience, you can easily leverage on their preferences to build content highly relevant to their personas.

Step 6: Interact with your followers

To get higher engagement to your page, you need to show that as a brand, you have heard what your audience has to say. Leave a reply to their comment, give your audience a little recognition to acknowledge that you have heard their opinions. Simple things like this can build your brand to be a lot more personable and friendly.

interaction on facebook


Step 7: Have fun!

Although posting relevant and necessary content is important, occasionally it is important to have fun while you are at it.

Experiment by sharing a funny meme, or a funny joke you heard today. Because sometimes, it is through these types of posts that you get the best response and the best engagement. And ultimately, when your page engagement is high, a link post can drive even higher traffic to your website.

facebook engagement example



Organic traffic to your website is not enough to encourage Facebook engagement anymore. You need to go beneath the surface if you want your audience to be kept active on your site.

With a massive increase in competitors and a with huge bank of content readily available online, it is all the more critical that your brand differentiates itself by posting relevant and unique content specific to your audience.

To make this work, take great care in constructing each post of yours to encourage interaction and soon enough, you will receive substantial results when it comes to your Facebook engagement level.