DR45+ Niche Insert (Single Link)


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Niche Inserts are link inserts that are placed into an existing, aged article on a site that is niche relevant to what you are trying to rank for on your money site.

These are NOT HACKED LINKS. Our Niche Inserts are acquired through the same process as our Guest Posts, via legitimate outreach to website owners and going through the same negotiation process.

While Guest Posts can be highly effective in building relevance as it allows you to structure the content to have the keyword you want to rank for in the URL extension and Header Texts, Niche Inserts are a great, cost effective way for you to get links of similar, if not higher quality and metric levels.

These are a great option to build your site authority on a budget, and when used in conjunction with Guest Posts properly can help to skyrocket your rankings.

DISCLAIMERIt is unlikely for you to rank a site with just one link, no matter how powerful it is. We recommend purchasing our packages for a more significant amount of link juice to help you rank. Single link products are listed on our site for the sole purpose for our prospective customers to have place a test order with us to determine the quality of our links, which we are highly confident are top of the line.

If you are looking to purchase a large number of links in packages / combinations that are not (yet) available on the site, please contact us via the live chat and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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