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Why use our Content Creation DFY Services?

People HATE content that isn’t well written. How many times have you opened an ad or post on social media with an amazing “click bait” headline only to be horribly disappointed by a 200 word piece of t*rd that seemed to be written by someone while they were drunk?

Or just having to deal with a million freelance cheap “writers”, only to re-write their content over and over again until it is barely acceptable to your client/readership?

We save you the hassle by hiring QUALITY content writers from Top Universities on a regular basis, putting them through our proven training systems and having seasoned editors in place to ensure that every piece has a consistent quality.

We build and test the systems. You benefit from them.

Our Content Creation Process

All, if not most of our writers are Undergraduate students from Top Universities around the world. All of them are native English writers from Tier 1 English Speaking Countries such as Singapore, UK and USA.

Likewise, we have a couple of editors in place who are also seniors in Media Studies, Journalism and Advertising.

All of our writers go through a trial period writing articles for our own sites, go through our proven training process, and get the experience they need BEFORE we use their articles for client work.

It has to be good enough for us, before its good enough for you.

Our Content Packages

Silver Article

4,000 Words of Written Content

(up to 4 x 1000 Word Articles)


($80/1000 Words)

Gold Article

12,000 Words of Written Content

(up to 12 x 1000 Word Articles)


($60/1000 Words)

Platinum Article

20,000 Words of Written Content

(up to 20 x 1000 Word Articles)


($48/1000 Words)

Silver+ Article

4,000 Words of SurferSEO Optimised Content

(up to 4 x 1000 Word Articles)


($100/1000 Words)

Gold+ Article

12,000 Words of SurferSEO Optimised Content

(up to 12 x 1000 Word Articles)


($80/1000 Words)

Platinum+ Article

20,000 Words of SurferSEO Optimised Content

(up to 20 x 1000 Word Articles)


($68/1000 Words)

Experienced. Efficient. and we get sh*t done.

Our Typical Content Writing Process





Information Gathering

Before getting the article written, we collect all the information and requirements necessary from our customers for our Editors to carry out in-depth research to write the articles you are looking for.

We will send you a blank content brief to be filled up so we can get all the information we need to get started. You can either provide us with the preferred article title and/or reference article, or just give us the general topic and we will sort out the rest.

Research and Understanding

Once we have received the completed content brief, our editor will start to break down and understand your requirements before proceeding with the article research. We will propose the titles (2 for every article ordered) as well as the reference articles for your selection and approval before we begin writing the articles.


Writing Process

Once we get approval on the titles and reference articles we proposed, the editor-in-charge will select the most suitable writer (for your niche and order) to start the writing process.

There are total of 2 drafts per article sent to our editors to vet and submit their edits before we get our hands on the final article which is submitted to you, the customer.

Upon completing the final article, we run it through CopyScape to make sure it does not overlap with any existing article on the internet, and also through Grammarly to make sure everything is concise.

However, as our writers and editors are still human beings, there might be an occasional error which we will be happy to do one revision to resolve. (Within Reason)

Content Optimization

Once we have the final article, we run it through CopyScape to make sure it does not overlap with any existing article on the internet, and also through Grammarly to make sure everything is concise.

If you ordered the SurferSEO optimization option, our team will run the article through SurferSEO with your requirements and have the article optimized after it’s written. This allows us to have a piece of SEO optimized content that is naturally written and not “SEO-ed” from the get-go. 

Essentially the best of both worlds.

Experienced. Efficient. and we get sh*t done.

Frequently asked questions

What do you need me to provide you with for the articles to be written?

For us to be able to produce accurate and relevant articles written around your niche topic, we will need to understand the type of content you require. Some information we will need from you include the niche, the main topic, main keywords, and reference articles. But fret not, upon confirmation of the order, a content brief will be sent to you for you to fill up the relevant details.

When can I expect to receive my completed content articles?

Once you have completed the content order form and sent it to us, our writers will be assigned accordingly. Generally, all articles will require up to 10 business days from the time of your order as long as it is within reason and all revision points are consolidated and provided to us. But we will do our best to keep turnaround time under 72 hours. However, do take note that the turnaround period is also highly dependent on the volume and number of words your content order has. 

How long is one content article?

For this specific product, it is a 1000 word article that comes with a main header photo, and 2 additional photos for every 500 words. Please specify in your content brief that we will be sending you after you placed the order, and we will adapt to your requirements accordingly.

Are you able to write Non-English articles?

All our content writers are native English speakers, therefore we do not provide content articles written in any other language. This also ensures that content produced by us is of the highest quality since our writers are extremely skilled in writing and editing only English articles. 

Are there any content topics that you don’t work on?

We do not work on any black-hat, blacklisted or non-legal niches.

What if I am not satisfied with the content articles produced?

Rest assured that all writers on our team have been through a thorough selection process and are extremely good writers that produce quality content. However, should there be certain gaps in the articles that have to be addressed, the team will be more than happy to provide one complimentary revision (within reason).

How will you send over the completed written content articles?

All completed articles will be saved in a Google drive folder and access will be given to you to review the work. Full access including editing, viewing and organising will be made available for you and your team to use the articles in however way you wish. 

Can I use this content for Sales Copy or Landing Page Copy?

This product is specifically for engagement content, and is not suitable for sales copy. We use these content pieces for guest posts (SEO), supporting content on your website, and for sending cold traffic to in order to build engagement and authority, before hitting them with a retargeting ad crafted for conversions.

Are my Articles SEO Optimised?

All of our writers are trained to write great content, and that is our main focus. That being said, we have in-house SEOs that can optimise content. If you are keen to get your articles optimised, please purchase the “plus” packages which are optimised via SurferSEO.

Do you offer refunds?

If you would like to get a refund, please do not process a chargeback directly. Send an email to support [AT] addressing your dissatisfaction and we will review this on a case by case basis and POSSIBLY process a refund if it is within reason. Do note that there is no guarantee that we will refund your purchase.

Also, should you request for a refund, we will not provide any additional articles in the future. (To prevent abuse).

Have any questions?

Feel free to drop our team a message via our chat.

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