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Having Trouble with Marketing Your Business?

We help put your brand in front of the right audience.

Marketing in today’s highly competitive market is difficult. Compared to 5 years ago when SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads were still a new concept, the competition today is tougher than ever.

Thankfully, here at Undrcut Digital Marketing, we have successfully stayed ahead of the competition by constantly testing out and implementing the latest Digital Marketing Strategies.

We are confident that we can put your Brand out to the right target audience, and get you what you NEED; Strong Branding, Relevant Leads, and Sales.

Who Or What Is

Undrcut Digital Marketing is a Singapore-grown digital marketing agency that handles online marketing for clients both locally and globally. The Company also has offices in Australia & Canada, and staff based in Thailand & the Philippines.

Regardless of what product or service you provide, we are confident in getting word out for you so that you can focus on the things that need your attention: business development and client management.

Our Dedicated Team, Locally & Worldwide

Key Team Members

CEO | Founder

Gabriel Sim

With half a decade of marketing experience, Gabriel has done multiple 8 figures in revenue for his clients, as well as his own personal projects.

When he’s not building out marketing funnels, Gabriel loves to talk business, play a casual game of poker and enjoy an amazing glass of scotch. (Usually all 3 at the same time).

Head of Facebook Ads

Ayo Bakare

Everyone who has met Ayo at least once would tell you the same thing; he is one of the most jovial spirits you will ever meet.

Previously from KPMG, Ayo has truly embraced the digital nomad lifestyle and jumped headfirst into Facebook Ads & Marketing. He has extensive experience having managed close to a hundred campaigns in the past couple of years.

He loves to unwind with a glass of wine or an IPA, whichever he can get his hands on first.

Operations Manager

Elysa Han

“Ideas are easy. Execution is hard.”

Elysa is one of the key members of the team that holds everyone’s sh*t together. She manages the day to day operations and ensures that the team continues to function, and is a force of nature at executing ideas.

She loves to travel, go to the gym, and anything Korean (especially Soju).

Marketing Manager

Chloe Then

Chloe has extensive experience in the advertising space, both digital and traditional mediums. She has worked with several “big-named” clients such as Tiffany & Co. and Huawei. Despite being a workaholic , Chloe does enjoy her occasional downtime with a casual game of mahjong and a night out with friends and family.